Living in the


June 21, 2020

The journey from captivity to the Promised Land taught a generation to trust in God’s faithfulness. But living in the wilderness presents challenges to how we navigate relationships with God, others and ourselves. 


Living in


July 5, 2020

While Daniel lived in a strange land, he maintained his integrity. Even when pushed to abandon his faith Daniel maintained his daily discipline. When a strange land pressures us to conform we need to maintain our spiritual habits to thrive.


Living in 

New Places

July 19, 2020

Persecution sent the early disciples into new communities. C-19 can send the church into new communities where God is already preparing the soil for harvest.


Living in a

Strange Land

June 28, 2020

Exiled to a foreign land, God’s vision of living in this land is beyond what anyone would imagine. But wherever we live, God has wisdom for how to order our daily lives. 


Living in 


July 12, 2020

You can never go back to the old way of living. When the Exiles returned to Jerusalem, they found a common purpose and a common faith to build a new way of living together in a strange land. 


Living in a 

New Kingdom

July 26, 2020

As disciples of Jesus, we are living in a strange land that is not our final home. How we live daily is a testimony to our journey as foreigners and strangers in this strange land.



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