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Would you like to get involved?  We have many different ministries and activities that can always use more help.  Some of the immediate needs are listed below.  Fishburn United Methodist Church is always open to new ideas, ministries, and activities.  

social media manager

Social media continues to become more and more important in
connecting people today. In keeping with the times, we need to
use new methods to connect people to each other and to Jesus
Christ our Savior. We need help with maintaining our online presence by posting event information, photos, and other information provided by leaders of the church that will help in our mission of “Making more disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. If you'd be interested in helping with this or other online activities, contact Garrett Schmidt at 478-8639 or gschmidt@fishburnumc.org.


Fishburn United Methodist Church hosts many different activities and events that could be captured on "digital film" for social media, promotion, and for the memories we create.  The church owns a digital camera, help is needed to take the photos and sort them.  If you'd be interested in helping with this, contact Garrett Schmidt at 478-8639. or gschmidt@fishburnumc.org.