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Discussions on Christian Parenting
Meets every Sunday at Fishburn UMC
Led by
Kellee Schmidt and Cheri Foreman
982-0585 (Kellee)
kellgarr@verizon.net (Kellee)

This small group addresses contemporary issues in parenting children from birth through school ages. We seek to discuss relevant topics in family life while looking to the scripture for guidance and perspective. Many personal views and experiences are shared in this group. Selected books form the backdrop of our weekly talks; some recent titles have included "Modern Parents, Vintage Values" and currently "Raising Boys and Girls". Because this group meets in a toddler daycare room, parents can participate in this group with young infants and toddlers present.

small groups


Joining a small group is an excellent way to further your spiritual development with other people.  Fishburn UMC has several small groups active at any given time, and members are encouraged to start their own groups.  If you plan to attend a small group meeting, please contact the group leader to confirm the meeting date, time, and location, as schedule changes may arise on occassion.


Small group leaders click here.

In-depth Men's Bible Study
Meets every Monday at Fishburn UMC
Led by
John Theurer

Not your typical Bible study! We utilize all kinds of Christian films/DVDs and connect God's Word with the topic(s) delivered in the film/DVD. We also utilize history, maps, and pictures to help our understanding of when and where a book of the Bible or time frame of the book took place. A few of the topics/areas/books covered during the past nine years: Salvation, Temptation, Death, Heaven, Apologetics, Genesis, Daniel, Revelation, The Minor Prophets, The birth and life of Jesus Christ, The Passion of Christ, etc.

This is a long running small group for women, and focuses on studying books of the Bible.  

Ladies of Grace
Meets every Thursday at Fishburn UMC
Led by
Doris Theurer
The Chosen
Meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month at Lorraine McCorkel
7:00-8:30pm, All year
Led by
Marlene Campbell/Lorraine McCorkel 
533-1591 (Lorraine)

This is a long running small group for adults, and covers a variety of topics including material by Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries.  Contact Lorraine for directions to her house.