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preschool classroom for children with hearing loss

The Children’s Center of Central PA, a day preschool program for deaf and hard-of-hearing children is located at Fishburn United Methodist Church. The preschool, a program of the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, serves 3- and 4-year old deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

“We believe that it is very important to create a foundation of language and spark a love for learning during this critical period in a child’s development.” says Don Rhoten, CEO of the Programs of the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.

The School follows the Creative Curriculum and is aligned with Pennsylvania State standards. It is a year round program with scheduled breaks in June and August. Certified teachers and small class sizes provide individualized, child-centered instruction.  The child-friendly classrooms and thematic-based materials promote learning through play and support the development of vocabulary and language.

Parents and families play a very important role in each child’s education. We offer parental support and opportunities for family involvement through a variety of programs and workshops throughout the year at the Camp Hill Outreach Services Office located at 3820 Hartzdale Drive.

We invite you to set up a tour with Jessica Marks by calling 717-909-5577 or emailing her at jmarks@wpsd.org.

The Children’s Center of Central PA is a program of the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) is a non-profit, tuition free school with high academic expectations. Founded in 1869, WPSD provides quality educational services and a complete extracurricular program to Deaf and hard-of-hearing children from birth through Grade 12. The Pittsburgh campus is located on 21 beautiful acres seven miles from downtown. WPSD’s programs also include the statewide Choices for Children Program, The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, serving children in Northeast PA and the WPSD Outreach Services Department. With offices in Scranton, Hershey, Camp Hill, PA and Pittsburgh, WPSD is the largest comprehensive center for deaf education in Pennsylvania.

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