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Webster’s dictionary says a mission is an important assignment carried out.  Typically, it involves moving!   The Bible sums it up in a few words, “Go forth.” 


It is a calling to move, perhaps out of your comfort zone, so that you are depending entirely on God’s strength.

Because God loves every single person on is earth, we must too. We are called to tell other people about the amazing grace of God and love of Christ!  We must tell them that they can have a relationship with God and an eternal home in Heaven--It’s our mission! 


How you do it is personal!   It could be working with your hands and feet, or it may be a prayer ministry using God’s Holy Spirit to speak for you.


Fishburn church offers many different ways to enter The Mission Field.  

Want more info?  Contact Jenny Greene at jgreene@fishburnumc.org


At Fishburn United Methodist Church ministry is no longer confined to “the Church”.  Digital Ministry has allowed us to creatively and effectively reach out to continue the work and teachings of Christ.  Join us live on Sunday mornings or watch the recorded services at your leisure through the power of the digital world."


For further information, please contact John Gacesa at jgacesa@fishburnumc.org.


Congregational Care is the church's ministry of caring for our homebound, those who are ill, grieving, or dealing with personal concerns.  This ministry includes group and individual visits to the homebound, Home Communion visits, and caroling.  Small gifts, cards or treats are often included in the visits. 


Congregational Care also includes a Prayer Ministry.  Prayer requests are sent by email to the prayer team on a weekly basis.  Greeting cards are then signed by the congregation and mailed to those we prayed for. 


For further information, please contact Clara Layser at clayser@fishburnumc.org or (717) 534-2262.